Elan E Line

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S širokim krmnim, podbradnim trupom, dvojnim krmilom in prostorno postavitvijo pilotske kabine, zasnovane za najboljši izkoristek jadranja, Elan E3 posnema občutek večje jahte.


Dvojna krmila, široka krma in podbradni trup, ki vse skupaj vodijo k raznolikim ciljem – vrhunske zmogljivosti, izboljšane stabilnost, odličenga nadzora in udobne notranjosti.


Elan E5 je zasnovan za zahtevne jadralce, ki iščejo popolno ravnotežje med resnimi, tekmovalnimi  in elegantnimi jadrnicami z obilico prostora. Tudi za odlično udobje je poskrbljeno.

Več o Elan

E Line

Based on Elan’s signature performance-orientated boat building heritage, the E Line ensures high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising capabilities both on deck and below. A broad stern, chined hull and twin rudders deliver control and stability at high heel angles and speeds, while the airy, well-equipped galley, social saloon and remarkable array of top-of-the-line deck equipment enable extraordinary comfort and short-handed sailing solutions.

These VOR70 inspired yachts, designed in cooperation with Humphreys Yacht Design, now come with the most enhanced standard package on the market, with high-performance sailing solutions as prominent as comfort-centric features. Innovative VAIL (Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination) technology provides a tight, strong and stable construction and thus more safety at sea. Backed by a long-standing craftsmanship tradition, Elan Yachts also boast of an unrivalled quality finish highlighting their boutique nature. The E Line truly offers dual-purpose yachts without compromise.

Novosti pri

E line

Elan introduced new features on the E Line yachts in 2018, creating the most enhanced standard package for its class. All models now include a carbon fibre retractable bowsprit, tapered keel stepped masts, a genoa furling system and adjustable split backstays for all your performance sailing needs.

Larger steering pedestals with grab rails are now also part of the standard revised deck, along with a fully-equipped galley and head, a hot water system, curtains and blinds over windows and hatches, and natural oak veneer on the redesigned interior spaces.

The DAME-design-awarded control panel is now installed on all E Line yachts, as is a modern electrical system with plenty of USB ports and aesthetic ambient and courtesy lighting solutions. But this is just the start – contact an Elan Yachts representative in your area and discover why the E Line is a perfect yacht for an experienced sailor, who does not want to compromise on comfort.